Thirtysecond entry

Year 824, Twelfthmonth, Day 26 – Skyday

We continued through the caves today, or perhaps I should say mountain passages. We came across some sort of gray blob like creature. It burned my boot when I stepped on it, then it…grew and attacked. Guthan is now nude, his clothes having been burned away by the creature’s acidic body. He doesn’t seem to mind traveling nude, but I wish he would cover himself. It’s…awkward.

We continued yet farther and found that the creature had obviously slain a few orcs. With the bodies, I found a letter that mentioned the children. It said that they were to continue through the mountain passages to the forest to the south where supplies are stashed. From there, they were to continue to Tulderoc. Archer seems to think they will sail from Tulderoc to Selance. The orc bodies seemed fresh. We are close…I know it. I can only hope Raedwolf is back on his feet before we catch up.

There was an odd symbol at the bottom of the letter. I don’t know what it means and no one else seems to either. It was half sun and half moon. The top half looks to be a radiant sun and then there is a line and the bottom half is the bottom of a crescent moon.

Thirtysecond entry

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