Thirtyfirst entry

Year 824, Twelfthmonth, Day 25 – Halfweekday

Much has happened since my last entry. I hardly know where to begin. Bryte finally revealed his secret last night. He is a runechild! I remember dreaming of being one as a child… Bryte, though, sees it as a sort of curse. He says he has no desire to help the world, but I think he does. Under his tough guy, pirate act, he is a hero. I wish I was destined for greatness the way he is. Bryte says I am and it was sweet. It is good to know that I am remarkable in his eyes, but I doubt I will ever bare a mark. Bryte used his abilities as a runechild to heal my wounds. He says he seems to be able to use it once a day. We fixed up To’Gar with a healing ointment that Bryte found on the wagon inside the cave. Raedwolf’s injuries don’t seem that serious, but he still wouldn’t wake up, so we decided to save the second jar. We will just have to continue to pull him on the sled for now.

Before we finally laid down to rest, a man sent from Kaervek Port reached us. He had been sent to find us and bring us back to face punishment for kidnapping. The man was infuriating. Even though he was out numbered, he had the audacity to tell us we could hire him instead! I told him he could either help us, continue on his way, or try to take us in and end up lying lifeless in the snow. He said he would help for a price, so I managed to keep my anger in check long enough to tell him he would be fed and kept warm. He agreed, “for now.” He told us to call him Archer. I plan on keeping a close eye on him. I’ll be damned if I’m going to abandon those children to go face the city’s form of “justice,” especially after having lost friends to this quest!

My entry is not over yet. This morning, as we were packing up, we heard a voice call out. I looked out to see a Verrick. He explained that he had made an oath to find the missing children. Hearing that, we quickly made arrangements to travel together. His name is Guthan. It seems the two comrades we have lost have been replaced to an extent. I will miss them, and no one will truly replace them, but it is nice to know that we will have extra help again. I do not trust Archer. A sword for hire, or even a bow for hire, changes sides too easily to trust. We moved into the cave today to find that it goes quite deep. So far, it has been uneventful, but there are obvious signs that the children and who or whatever took them came this way. When Raedwolf wakes, he will have much to discover…

Thirtyfirst entry

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