Thirtieth entry

Year 824, Twelfthmonth, Day 24 – Earthday

I would rather not have to do an entry for today. I would rather forget it happened altogether. But, it must be recorded…

We continued to follow the tracks and they veered back to the mountains, leading to a huge cave at the base. It was too dark inside for me to see, so To’Gar went inside to investigate. He spotted a huge wagon inside, so we decided to go in. I lit a torch to prepare to go in and two frothing orcs came running at me. Before I could even react well, I sustained two painful and large wounds. Staggered, I fear I did not fight to the best of my ability and I regret what it has cost us. As the battle went on, I watched one of the orcs cleave through Wolfram’s skull. Not long after, Cassy was cleaved in half!

To’Gar was the next to fall, but he, at least, is still alive. So now, Bryte, Readwolf, and I sit by, nursing our wounds and waiting for To’Gar to wake up. Bryte held me and told me to take the time to mourn. I am so glad that he is here with me. I don’t know what I would do without him. The group seems to have made me their leader, but when I feel lost, or unsure, I can still turn to Bryte. Despite his hard to read personality and quickly changing moods, he has always been there for me. I cannot spare too much time to mourn. Though I will miss Cassy and Wolfram, I must show strength. I can only hope that Raedwolf wakes soon. I do not think I could bare to lose another friend.

Thirtieth entry

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