Sixth entry

Year 824, Elevenmonth, Day 28 – Restingday

During last night’s watch, I was dropped, nearly killed. When I awoke, I saw Bryte pulling his glove back on. There was something there, on the back of his hand, but I couldn’t tell what. It made me realize that I’ve never seen him without those gloves. I shall have to look into this more. I want to know more about him, but he’s never really told me anything about himself. He told me that To’Gar had probably healed me, but when I thanked him, he said he didn’t. Wolfram said he had tried, but wasn’t able to do much. This situation is rather curious. No one else has any healing ability that would close all my wounds in one casting, to my knowledge.

During the day, we continued toward the mountains and I decided to use my orb to keep the less prepared of us warm. As we traveled, I had a nice conversation with Raedwolf. He keeps a journal as well and lost his parents. He is in a bit of denial, he thinks they may still be alive. I tried to cheer him up a little by telling him our group could become a kind of family, but he apparently does not like To’Gar nor Cassy. He even said he’d like to pull the wings from her back. A little harsh for a lump to the head. Perhaps he has anger issues. I hate to see what will happen next, I forgot to tell him that Cassy was traveling along in my belt pouch…

Our conversation was interrupted by two giant owls, swooping at us. After we killed them, Bryte led us to their nest, which is most likely why they attacked. Four eggs lay in their nest, each worth 2500 gold! Had they been chicks, they would have been worth 4000 gold! We were forced to leave them behind though. It pains me to leave behind such a significant amount of money, but there was no way we could have kept them alive… Damn…

Sixth entry

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