Seventeenth entry

Year 824, Twelfthmonth, Day 11 – Halfweekday

I can hardly believe so much time has passed. It seems like we only just left the city. There is one thing I can say about our travels so far, and that is that I am tired of seeming weak! It seems like once every other day, I am waking up from being nearly killed by some creature or another. I still feel incredibly weak from our battle with the shadow…

Bryte values strength, I hate to think what he may do if I was like this forever. On the other hand, he is still carrying my gear for me. Maybe that, more than anything, is a sign that he loves me.

I have to find a way to repay Wolfram and Raedwolf for healing me whenever I fall. It is good that they are concerned about others in our party enough to use their valuable magics when we fall.

I made another discovery about the lens I took from the bodies of the dark elves. I believe it allows me to read any language, for I was able to read the words To’Gar carved into some stone as if they were written in common. This lens will definitely come in handy.

Seventeenth entry

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