Session 8

Continuing on deeper into the mountain, the heroes came across the bodies of orcs that the ooze had disposed of before stumbling onto them. With the bodies was a letter that gave vital information as to where the children were being taken. The letter was signed with a symbol they had never seen before. The top of the symbol was a sun and the bottom was half of a crescent moon. The two halves separated by a thin line. Noting that the bodies were fresh, the party moved on feeling they were close to their goal.

The next day, they came upon a large cavern and heard voices. Vanessa moved forward for a closer look and spotted a group of 10 children bound and under guard by six orcs. She moved to sneak down the ramp, but was sneak attacked by a dark elf. She succumbed to his sleep venom and everyone else went into battle. After a long, hard fought battle, all of the heroes had either fallen victim to the sleep venom or fallen due to injuries after slaying the dark elf. The remaining orcs took the party prisoner and placed them with the children.

Vanessa and Bryte were the first to wake and quickly got free of their bindings. While trying to determine a way to retrieve their gear, a man ran into the cavern, immediately followed by a dire bat. Vanessa and Bryte used the distraction to get their equipment and with the mysterious man’s help, slew the orcs.

After the battle, they found out that the man that had helped them was Readwolf’s brother. He had come to rescue him, somehow knowing he was in danger. The party rested the remainder of the day, needing a chance to recover from their wounds. They decided that they would continue through the caverns with the children and once back out under the open sky, Bryte would take them back home with his ship.

Session 8

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