Session 7

As the party continued forward, they traveled into the territory of a wild radont, a monstrous horse large enough for a giant to ride. Though successful in the battle, Raedwolf was trampled and was unable to be roused despite the party’s best efforts. Still alive they loaded him onto the sled and moved off to set camp.

The heroes traveled on for the next two days, felling a troll that stumbled across them and eventually reached the mouth of a large cave. After some minor scouting by To’gar, the adventurers decided to move in. As Vanessa lit her torch, it signaled the two orcs who sat inside, who rushed out to attack the party. The battle was hard fought, leaving only Vanessa and Bryte standing. Cassy and Wolfram already lie lifeless in the snow before they could act.

As Vanessa rested and watched over the fallen party members, Bryte traversed into the cave alone finding a wagon with some gear and food. He brought it back with him to tell Vanessa the cave looked clear. After some rest and healing To’gar finally came back to his feet. Not wanting to use the last charge of his healing wand, Bryte revealed that he is a Runechylde, a being that is marked to signify his greater purpose in helping the well being of the world. With the mark comes certain abilities and Bryte revealed that he has some healing power, though limited.

As the party rested in the large tent waiting for morning, a man named Vale wandered into their camp. After some discussion they agreed to let him join the party. When they broke camp in the morning they found a Verrik male named Guthan lingering at the mouth of the cave. Discovering him to be an Oathsworn and on the same mission, they asked him to join their ranks, which he agreed to.

Traveling on into the cave they walked for a great deal of time until being attacked by a Gray Ooze, leaving Guthan naked and without much of his equipment.

Session 7

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