Fifteenth entry

Year 824, Twelfthmonth, Day 9 – Waterday

Today we came upon a bowl shaped area with four bodies and a large pile of bones. The bodies were of dark elves! I was shaken to my core. While examining, the bones came alive. Cassy and Raedwolf lie unconscious, slowly healing after the battle now. After we slayed the skeleton, To’Gar and I searched the bodies of the elves. We found some strange items and gold. I found a lens in one of their eyes and mustered the courage to put it in my own eye, after cleaning it of course. It allowed me to read a parchment we found as well as a scroll. The parchment gave me chills despite using my orb.

It said to take the children to Selance where they would be waiting to continue their plan. At least we know the children are alive and we know where to go. But to know that dark elves are involved is frightening, to say the least. They are fierce warriors who have no compassion. I can only imagine what the children are being forced to endure. I am decided, I will continue on to Selance, regardless of whether or not anyone else does. Those children must be rescued from those vile dark elves.

For the first time in my life…I wish there was someone to pray to, for the safety of those children.

Fifteenth entry

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