Session 6

As the adventurers continued on they encountered a strange panther like creature with six legs, and two writhing tentacles. Try as they might to hit the beast their blades only seemed to pass through it, only occasionally did their weapons seem to slice into the beasts hide until finally it fell. They decided that it would be best to stop and rest their feet and treat their wounds.

In the morning the party welcomed the day and hoped for a peaceful journey onward, their hopes seeming to come true as late into the day they came to a small village where they could find shelter and warmth for a meager price.

Spending two days in the village the party rested and feasted in celebration of Vanessa’s birthday and restocked their supplies before taking the road once more.

Traveling on they encountered an owlbear that heavily damaged several members of the party before it was dispatched. Moving on they discovered what appears to be where the children and their captors took rest. Pushing their travels they were able to make some ground with their pursuit when they found several bodies of the children, saddening their hearts but strengthening their desire they pushed on.

Session 6

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