Session 2

In the morning, after eating, the group set out, intending to check the sewers as Vanessa and Bryte knew them to be a quick way out of the city without being detected. They proceeded to enter the top level of the sewer which housed the supply of fresh water. They headed in the direction of the city exit and came upon the ladder leading down to the waste sewer. After composing themselves somewhat to the smell, they continued toward the exit of the town. After traveling a while, they came upon an unnatural hole in the brickwork of the wall, 10 feet wide and 6 feet high. Deciding that something like this was what they were looking for, they turned into the tunnel and began to follow it.

They traveled the rest of the day, searching for signs to indicate that the children had passed this way. All they found was a half a shoed footprint. They set camp in the tunnel, along with watches and half way through the night, came under attack by three goblins riding dire rats. After slaying their attackers, the remainder of their rest was peaceful.

In the morning they continued down the earthen tunnel. They saw nothing for most of the day before faint squeaks reached their ears. Venturing a bit further, they came across a large cavern. Vanessa moved stealthily forward and checked to see what waited up ahead. She relayed back to the group that about 8 goblins were in the cavern (when there were in fact 10), with a cage holding 6 dire rats. They all agreed that they had to go in and drew their weapons, readying themselves for battle.

The battle was long and none too easy, leaving three of their four guards incapacitated along with Wolfram, Cassy, and Raedwolf. With the injuries they sustained, they decided to move to a smaller alcove in the cavern and set camp, needing to heal up before continuing on.

Session 2

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