Session 1

Without giving them a chance to explain themselves or purpose for coming to the port city, the guards shackle them and escort the group to the prison house where they are stripped of all but necessary clothing and placed in a small, dirty, dimly lit room. As they look about at each other and with some discussion, they find that they are all being accused of the same crime.

After sitting for what felt like a better part of the day in the cell, the door finally opens and the guards take them to be tried for the crimes that they have supposedly committed. They are led into a room where 4 chairs sit in front of a large mahogany desk. As they move to sit, a man of what looks to be of middle age with combed back black hair and graying sides enters into the room. His black robe flowing after him, he moves to and sits at the desk. His hazel eyes bore into each one of them as if searching for something. Finally he breaks the silence by asking, “Where are the children? Tell me their whereabouts and your deaths will be quick.” After some deliberation, Captain Waverunner is brought in to confirm one of their alibis, but because of his reputation he also becomes one of the accused. The chancellor tells them, “Though I know that you are innocent, the people of this city will not rest with that sentence, in order to clear your names you must find the children to prove your innocence.”

Charged with their life or death task, the group of accused, an attractive, scantily clad woman with long blond hair, a brown scaled dracha, a female spryte with straight black hair and sparkling blue eyes, a handsome man with shoulder length dark hair, and an infamous pirate decide it best to acquaint with one another if they are going to be forced to work together.

After taking a short time to get to know one another, they set out into the town with four of the city guards to keep them safe from the fury of the residents. The group questioned the residents who would speak with them and eventually received word that a few people had seen small creatures moving through the shadows. All of the stories seemed the same, except for one from an ale-addler, who said he saw normal sized creatures, crouching down and skillfully using the shadows to their advantage. The group agreed to set up a stake out to see if whatever kidnapped the children would return.

During their stake out, Cassy noticed a human male with red hair slip into the city. She decided to follow him as he move through the streets. As he moved through, Vanessa spotted him and began following him as well. He managed to hear the soft sound of fluttering and slipped into an alley, where he drew his sword and waited for whatever was pursuing him. Cassy followed him into the alley, hovering well above him, unseen, while Vanessa peeked into the alley and drew her sword after seeing him armed. She called out to ask him if he was responsible for the disappearance of the children. The spryte, thinking it could be a good opportunity to prove their innocence, used her magical skill to produce a male voice saying “yes.” Vanessa rounded the corner and demanded that he come peacefully. The man tried to explain that he hadn’t said a word. Despite that the voice seemed to be different, Vanessa still gathered the others and took the man to see the chancellor.

The chancellor explained to the man the same as he did to the rest of the party and the man agreed that he would rather help to find the children than lose his life. The group of six were then put back into a secure room without windows for the night, where they took the opportunity to get to know the new man and rest up for the next day.

Session 1

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