• Age: 17
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • Hair Color: -
  • Hair Style: -
  • Eye Color: yellow
  • Skin Tone: brownish
  • Body Type: fit
  • Nationality: -
  • Birthplace: -
  • Race: Dracha

  • Wing Span: 12’-6”
  • Classes: Totem Warrior(Wolf)/Dracha, 1/3
  • Class Features: Speed of the Wolf

  • Racial Features: Darkvision 60’, Gliding, Flight(average)

  • Ability Scores (as unaffected by equipment or magic):
    • STR: 21
    • DEX: 14
    • CON: 21
    • INT: 14
    • WIS: 16
    • CHA: 11
    • APP: 10

  • Favored Skills: Climb, Craft(armorer), Craft (weaponsmithing), Craft( leather working), Handle Animal, Heal, Jump, Knowledge(nature), Knowledge(geography), Knowledge(dracha), Knowledge(dragons), Listen, Ride, Sneak, Spot, Survival, Swim

  • Feats: Wealthy, Tough Hide, Weapon Focus(battle axe), Bite

  • Equipment: battle axe, longbow & 36 arrows, warhammer, chain shirt, Darkwood heavy shield, dastana, backpack, belt pouch x2,sack,bedroll, winter blanket, map case& map, chalk x10, fishhooks x10, flint & steel, grappling hook, hammer, piton x10, hemp rope- 100ft, sealing wax, sledge, soap, spade, tent, torches x10, whetstone, water skins x3, iron pot, rations x16, marbles x2, mess kit, metal tongs, twine- 100ft, armor maintanance kit, caltrops x2, artisan tools(leatherworking), artisan tools(weaponsmithing), explorer’s outfit, winter fullcloth, potion of hiding, miner’s pick, candles x10, bells x2, polar bear hide, dire wolf hide, winter wolf hide, displacer beast hide,


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